As Will Smith once said: “if you want something, go get it. Period, no excuses”. Motivational, yes, inspirational, yes, but is it effective?

As a young women we see all over social media quotes like: hustle, go after what you want, work, work, work, but is this mindset alone, making results too?

The answer as you can imagine is NO, at least not alone. In Alice from Wonderland, when Alice asked the rabbit to show her the way, the Rabbit asked her: “Where do you want to go? “, “I don’t know”- Alice replied, so the answer for her was ”In this case every road is going to get you there”. In life is exactly the same!

We work a lot, but if we don’t know where do we want to go and how is going to make up ended up in burn out, and without real results. So as your ELEVATE SUPPORT SYSTEM we will share with you a magic tool that will help you have a better action plan for what you want to achieve.

Blog OKR - inner OKR( objectives key results) - is a goal setting system that helps you to set realistic and SPECIFIC GOALS, they help you put a finger on what is that you are going after, what actions to you need to do in order to achieve that and also, they give you sense by adding a DEADLINE( yeah that meh word that we all hate but is highly needed) .

Essential tips:

1. There must be a maximum of 3-5 OKR’s with maximum 3-5 ACTION PLANS
2. Those OKR’s must be check weekly
3. Be as specific as you can & put them in a place where you can see them daily.

I will present you this tool by a personal example:

Read 3 books by the end of March- one at every 2 weeks-Develop my learning skills

a. Read 30 pages/day
b. Put my phone on airplane mode each day for one hour at night
c. Make & have a visible chart/calendar in which I check the day every time I read.
I always wanted to read more to develop my knowledge, but I never succeed in reading constantly, so applying this method I stated with WHAT I want to obtain( 3 books- one at every 2 weeks), I set A DEADLINE( by the end of March) and I know the WHY behind( to develop my skills).

The next thing I did was to set 3 STEPS/ACTION STEPS (key results) through which I will achieve my goal:

• first I will read DAILY an specific number of pages (30) – my first step has an action that must be done(reading), an end goal (30 pages read) and a timeframe (each day)
• second step builds on the first one, I will make the first step work BY DOING THIS (putting my phone on airplane mode)
• Last, I came up with a way to constantly check whether I am on track or not with my goal. Something visual that I will always have in front of my eyes and it will keep me accountable.

This system is extremely practical and easy to implement, an useful tool that is keeping us on track with our goals. But the most amazing part of this goal setting system is that by having it and making it visual, you have your secret tool to say NO when something new pops out.

Another essential thing that you need to take into consideration is : “Every process requires trial and error”, whatever objective you set out, you need to test it multiple times, till you will get it done at the expectations that you have.

Let us know which OKR do you set for yourself and don’t hesitate contact us if you need any help.

Lots of love - double A